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County eRecording Services

What are the advantages of eRecording?

eRecording replaces traditional paper-based processes. Its faster, more secure, and will save you money. The eRecording process reduces or eliminates unnecessary labor, postage, courier, and materials costs. Documents are transported in seconds. Document transport is secure which eliminates lost, damaged, or altered-in-transit risk. Getitrecorded.com pays recording fees and taxes to the county directly. As a result, there is no need for you to draft, sign, and match checks to achieve accurate, secure and timely payment of fees. Receive and return rejections in minutes rather than days.

How much does eRecording cost?

GetItRecorded.com offers our eRecording submission service at a rate of $85 per document plus County recording fees. Our user-friendly eRecording form calculates your exact rates based upon how many documents your are recording as well as what county they will be recorded in.

Which forms can be eRecorded?

Although most California County Recorder Offices allow the use of eRecording, they vary as to which forms they will accept in this way. Our intuitive eRecording form can be used to determine the specific forms currently offered by your county. Here is a list of some of the forms that can typically be eRecorded in California Counties: Abstract of Judgment, Affidavit of Death, Agreement Assessment, Assignment of Deed of Trust, Deed of Trust, Federal Tax Lien, Judgment Mechanics Lien, Mechanics Lien Release, Modification Mortgage, Notice Of Independent Solar Energy Producer Contract, Oil and Gas Lease, Power of Attorney, Re-conveyance Release, Release of Federal Tax Lien, Release of State Tax Lien, Release Of Treasurers Tax Lien, Request Satisfaction State Tax Lien, Subordination Agreement, Sub-reconveyance, Substitution of Trustee, Transfer Declaration, Treasurers Tax Lien, UCC Financing Statement

How long does eRecording take?

Our eRecording form takes just minutes to complete and documents are submitted in just seconds. Once your documents are submitted to the County Recorders office, actual recording times will vary depending on your county as well as what is being recorded. County recording offices are subject to closure for holidays, events, maintenance and other reasons. Such closures may result in a delay of document recording.

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